Teeth are an essential part of your personality. Once cannot feel confident or healthy without a beautiful smile. That is why millions of people visit their dentists every year. Whether you go for your bi-annual checkup or to get a specific treatment, a surprise might await you sometimes.

Unfortunately, all dental problems do not go away only because of regular care and visits to your dentist. Sometimes, the problem can progress to a point where your dentist can only recommend surgery as an effective solution.

Here are some circumstances that can be your reason to consider a surgery. 

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction may seem like a simple procedure in movies. However, it can be a way more complicated process. Every person’s teeth are different. While some dental extractions can be simple, others can be relatively complex.

Therefore, your dentist may consider a surgery for their patient in case of complications. Of course, they want to ensure that your bone strength and dental structure do not get impacted along the way. Hence, they may think of surgery as the best way for dental extraction.  

Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best options for teeth replacement. Whether you lose your teeth due to a medical condition or old age, dental implants may be the first recommendation from your dentist. It is one of the most commonly recommended and reliable solution for tooth loss

However, dental implant surgery needs to be conducted with a lot of precision. Therefore, dentists pay a lot of focus on this procedure. The dentists install medical titanium or zirconia in your roots later to be covered with a dental bridge or dental implants. This procedure can yield lifelong benefits for the users.

Extensive Decay

Your teeth and gums need care like every other part of your body. While teeth are resilient, they can also face significant damage over time. There may be several reasons for tooth decay ranging from medical conditions to missed dental appointments. 

Extensive dental decay can be very painful for someone undergoing the condition. In such circumstances, only a dentist with your dental and family history can recommend the right path. Surgery to cater to dental decay is one of the most common recommendations from dentists.

Sleep Apnea 

Dentists are professionals that can help you improve your quality of life. Against the common perception, your dentists can help you with a lot more than your teeth. Therefore, many people with sleep apnea also find their comfort after seeing a dentist.

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that can hinder your breathing while sleeping. It happens due to a tissue buildup in the back of your throat. It causes restlessness that can disturb your quality of life during the day and night.

Your dentist can sort out this problem with corrective surgery. Many individuals go through an oral surgery every year to breathe easier while they rest. These surgeries yield a lot of beneficial results for people who live with this condition.